About Us

Hello there. We are Fion and Elmer, a husband and wife tag team, for capturing life’s precious moments! We’re your go-to professionals for Maternity, Newborn, 1 year old, Cake Smash photography and more. Fion Boon Photography was born in April 2016, out of passion, courage and a spirit of adventure. Prior to that point, we were nicely settled in our corporate lives in Melbourne, and everything changed the day Fion discovered newborn photography. Before we knew it, we were all prepped, trained and equipped to bring newborn photography to the next level of quality, originality and experience on our sunny island!


Most of our customers came via referrals and word-of-mouth. We were receiving such great reviews and orders that within 8 months of setting up shop, Elmer was able to quit his job to help on the business as a professional photographer as well. In our customers’ words, when you engage us, you can be assured that we’ll be “extremely patient and professional” to help you and your baby/child feel “comfortable” and “wonderful” throughout the shoot.

Constantly seeking to improve our skills and knowledge, we were trained or mentored by leading photographers such as Ana Brandt (renowned maternity and newborn photographer), Lorna Kirkby (one of Melbourne’s top newborn photographers), Peter Coulson (a multiple award winning fashion photographer), Tory Dimitriadis (a top Melbourne-based baby photographer), Jade Gao (Sydney based top newborn photographer) and more.

Professional Trainings & Skills Upgrades:

2015 & 2016 - Lorna Kirkby, Melbourne (Australia)
2017 - Ana Brandt, Orange County (USA)

2018 - Tory Dimitriadis, Melbourne (Australia)

2018 - Ana Brandt, Orange County (USA)

2019 - Jade Gao, Sydney (Australia)

2019 - Ana Brandt, Orange County (USA)

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We look forward to capturing precious milestones of you and your little one soon!