Fion Boon Photography.

Below you will find answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, please contact us here.

We are often booked out a month in advance. To avoid any disappointment, we suggest locking in your photo session at least two months in advance, in order to get your preferred date and time.

We have a strict no refund policy as a lot of work goes into designing a bespoke photo session, managing the session to make it as pleasant as possible for both parents and baby, and producing top quality professional photos that our customers would be proud of.

Prior to engaging our services, the Client agrees and understands that the type of work produced will be of similar style and calibre to the images shown on our website, Facebook and Instagram. The Client also agrees to allow us the photographer full creative control of the session and the final edited photos.

Most definitely. As an appreciation for our returning clients, we offer a $50 discount on our Maternity, Newborn and 1 Year Old sessions.

For digital photos, it will take approximately two weeks from the session date. Prints and canvas will take two weeks from the point the Client informed us of their selection.

With the current Pandemic situation, if it is not possible for a session to take place on a scheduled date due to the parent’s or baby’s medical conditions, and a 24-hour advance notice is provided, we will reschedule to the earliest possible date, with no additional charge.

In the case of the Cake Smash / 1 Year Old Photoshoot session, if the cake has been baked at the time of the postponement request, there will be an additional charge of $80.

Once a Client confirms and lock in a booking with us, we will forego other photographic jobs. In the event of a cancellation or no show by the Client, the session fee/deposit paid is not refundable.

Kindly transfer the deposit/balance using one of the methods below. Please indicate your full name or invoice number in the remarks field, and send us the transaction details or a screenshot of the successful transfer.

Via Bank Transfer:

OCBC Current Account: 6956 1073 3001

Account Name: Fion Boon Pte. Ltd.

Via PayNow:

PayNow UEN Number: 201610378D

Our Maternity photoshoot is one and a half  hours. The make-up and hair service, will also take about one and a half hours.

Newborn session lasts about three to four hours. The pace is entirely determined by your baby and we will not rush the session.

The Cake Smash / 1 year old photoshoot maximum duration is two hours. The time includes dressing up, photo shoot and washing up. Be rest assured that we will work within your baby’s needs and pace.

Typically best time for a maternity shoot is between 28-33 weeks when the belly is really round and before the swelling begins.

Best time for infant shoot is between 6-12 days. Infants sleep more soundly and curl up easily into adorable poses. Infants more than 2 weeks old are harder to pose and they are more alert.

For one year old session, best to do it before your baby can walk independently. Usually parents will pick the shoot date about a month before the actual birthday celebration. This will provide us with sufficient time to process your photos, and for you to use them at the party.

Our baker understands the cake is for one year old, and the recipe used has been tweaked for minimum sugar. In order to make the cake some sugar is required. If you require minimum sugar content for the cake, we recommend you opt for the semi naked cake.

If you require your cake to be Halal do let us know, we will organise it for you with our baker.

For Cake Smash session, if your child has any known allergies please inform us in advance. We can organise an eggless cake with our baker for your session. For babies with severe allergies, we suggest you choose the bathtub or non cake set.

Our prices shown are all nett format. Below is a list of the additional charges a Client may incur:

  • Customised Canvas print in various frame sizes
  • Customised photo prints to fit your desired frames

Yes, our third Moderna dose was on 24 December 2021.